Who am I?

My name is Emma, and I was first thrown in to the spiritual world when I was about 7 years old. My (then) youngest sister had nightmares, and one night she woke me up, to ask if she could climb in to bed with me…I rolled over to say yes- and saw an elderly lady standing right behind her, bathed in a violet light, with a hand on my sister’s shoulder! Suffice to say I threw the duvet over my head and shouted at my poor sister to hurry up and climb in…I don’t think she realises that she was as much comfort to me that night as I was to her!






My Grandfather, in his army days

A few days later, we had a visit from my Grandparent’s, who were both highly spiritual people. I sat  next to my Nan and told her all about this little old lady who kept appearing in my room at night, and she told me all about my great grand-mother, Violet (coincidentally, I have her name as my middle name) my Grandfather’s Mother. She had passed away before I was born, yet I had described her perfectly, and left my Nan in no doubt who was coming to visit.





Since then, I’ve had many spiritual encounters and “spooky” moments. Although I am by no means a psychic or a medium; I’ve had an obsession with all things spiritual and paranormal since, and I fell in to Wicca, tarot cards and both holistic and crystal therapies; reading everything and anything to expand my knowledge.

Fast forward some 15 years and I now had 2 beautiful children of my own to raise…

My spiritual side had to take to the back burner as I figured out how to change nappies, wash baby food out of bibs (why is it always orange?!), hold down a job, look after my ailing grandfather and be a wife. The encounters would still occur, but I didn’t really do anything more about them.


The turning point came in 2008, when my grandfather eventually lost his fight with cancer. As my grief threatened to consume me, I turned back to the welcoming arms of both my Pagan faith and the holistic world.

 So, What Now?

As my Winkles have grown, my Spirituality has steadily been rekindled… These days you can usually find me shuffling through my latest tarot deck, with a mug of tea in hand- I think I’m made up of mostly tea- or with my nose stuck in a good book.

I usually have a camera close to hand too, for all those “must capture” moments!


My husband is a very keen carp fisherman, so no doubt you will occasionally come across posts written by me as I’m lakeside- I don’t fish (and it’s always catch and release), but I love the peace and quiet that comes from being surrounded by nature!


My beautiful family on one of our fishing “expeditions”

Why Blue Moon Soul Therapies?


Blue Moon Soul Therapies came about when I realised that all I want to do in life is help others reconnect to their spirituality.

As for the name, I took it from the saying “Once in a blue moon” because I believe that what I offer is not found very often: an honest and open person with a desire to provide beneficial therapies that will heal, soothe and rejuvenate the soul.

I have read Tarot and Angel cards for many years now, and I’m usually asked for guidance from family and friends when they feel “stuck” or want another viewpoint on a situation close to them. Once it became apparent that the messages I gave were deemed accurate, I began to ask myself why  I couldn’t start to do this for others.

Tarot reading isn’t all that I shall be doing. I’m currently undergoing training to be a life coach, and am also taking courses in several holistic therapies, so that I can address a variety of needs and problems, offering guidance to people so that they can take charge of their lives with the help of spiritual guidance.

The aim of my website is to provide ways for others to reconnect with their spiritual selves so that they can lead empowered, passionate lives that has them jumping out of bed in the morning so they can dive right back in!

If that sounds like something you want to achieve, you are more than welcome to pull up a seat and stay a while.


There will be a variety of posts available, from holistic health and therapies, to tarot and angel cards, and even some ‘behind-the-scenes’ posts, so you can get to know me that little bit better.

However you find us, I hope you find something useful when flicking through my blog- enjoy your time here with us!

If you reside over on other social media platforms, then head on over to Facebook or Instagram to connect further.

I look forward to seeing you there!