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Daily Tarot Draw: 6th July 2017 

The Lovers:

The Lovers from the Steam Punk Tarot by Barbara Moore

A couple stand holding hands, an Angel above them, watching over them, sending blessings their way…what’s not to like here?


Even though the Lovers are generally associated with love, sex and marriage-all of it good- today’s message has a deeper focus:

The Lovers come today as a sign that things are set to improve. 

After the dilemma presented to us through the Tower yesterday, we find ourselves presented with a situation demanding action or decision, and we will want to to decipher the best way to proceed or make the right choice. This is going to change your plans or the course of your experience, something that may look negative on the surface but will later prove to be a blessing in disguise. Have faith. You will soon begin to “feel the love” again- life is not as dire as you think! 

Yes No Maybe Signpost Showing Voting Decision Or Evaluation










On a more personal level,

you are now becoming clearer about your own values. This is a time when you are figuring out what you stand for and what your personal philosophy on life is; and after the shake up of yesterday’s Tower card, you are now ready to establish your own belief system and make up your own mind about what is and what is not important in life. 



This is also a time when you need to stay true to yourself and be as authentic and genuine as possible. Yes, this will make you vulnerable, but this authenticity will shine and certainly make you more noticeable in all the right situations.

 What are your views on the Lover’s today? Do they simply represent the physicality of relationships, or do you find that they are a bit deeper than that?

Bright blessings,




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