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Daily Tarot Draw: Tuesday 20th June 2017

(Please note, this post contains links, but they are purely to sites that I personally use, and not for monetary gain)

Ten of Wands from the Steam Punk Tarot by Barbara Moore


The Ten of Wands

finds her way into our lives when we need to realise that we have taken on way too much responsibility and the normal, everyday rhythm of life has become mundane. This has a danger of leaving you without goals, aspirations and can even have you going listlessly through each passing day…  BORING!!!


“We need to look at how we can lighten our load, either figuratively, or literally.”


​If we step back for a moment, and look at the big picture objectively; you could be very surprised to see that most of what is weighing you down is not even yours. If you have taken on someone else’s burdens- even if you think you are doing good and helping them- you’re only going to bring yourself down. By all means, be a good friend, just remember that it’s important to pace yourself, and not take on too much today.



If you’re already beginning to feel frazzled and burnt out, take a break. If you can only spare yourself 5 minutes, make a brew, sit AWAY from your desk and be present in the moment as you take each sip.

You can even meditate in those 5 minutes! thCPEC94NH

One I regularly turn to when I only have a few minutes between appointments is this one: 4 Minute Stress Buster by the Honest Guys.


You can find many more of their wonderful meditation videos if you check out their YouTube channel, and I find the voice over so soothing!



If you have your own way of taking a break when you’re super busy, I would love to hear about it in the comments below- I may even incorporate a few of them in my hectic schedule too!


Bright blessings,






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