My Full Moon in Virgo Reading

As promised, here are the cards I drew for my Full Moon in Virgo reading last night.


Before we get to the reading, I just want to say that I know that a lot of other readers will not read for themselves, as they feel that the results can be biased and we may not face the reality of our own cards.

As I learnt to practise on myself, I learnt very quickly that you cannot “bend” the message of the cards, and I have always found them to be very accurate- as this spread certainly showed me when I did it!

As for this particular spread, I always question just how effective a new spread will be, when it’s first created. This is something of yourself that you are putting out there, and it’s more personal with your energies going in to it….but it would seem that it turned out all right!

Back to the spread then:

The Cards:


The Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore & illustrated by Aly Fell


  1. What is the Crow asking me to purge?   The Tower 
  2. Where is Virgo asking me to be more efficient?    The Moon 
  3. How can I have more fun this full moon?    The Star 
  4. What is the projected outcome if I follow this advice?   The Hermit

{for a reminder of what exactly the spread means, click here}



  1. The Tower:      the towerLet’s face it- no one likes seeing the Tower pop up in a reading! I have learned to sit up and take notice when it appears! For me, it would seem that what I have to purge, or let go from myself, is the foundations and structures that I have built around myself. I need to tear it all down, and rebuild from scratch. The world is ever changing, I am ever changing, and I need to release all that no longer serves my ideals, no matter how embedded within my upbringing they may be!
  2. The Moon:
    the moon
    The moon for me, is all about the hidden depths within ourselves, within our subconscious. It would seem here that the energy of Virgo is asking me to spend more time expressing both my creativity, and  my spirituality. The Moon can represent inspiration, and I need to face my demons, conquer my dragons and achieve victories by using my imagination.
  3. The Star: th9HYQZENH
    Oh, there’s so much whimsical fun to be had when the Stars are out! As the little ditty goes: “Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight….make a wish!”
    I can find all kinds of fun- if I slow down, take a moment to stare at the vast starry, sky and know that all is well within both my world and the Universe I reside in.
    The Star has a twinkling, playful side to her, and she tells me that if I trust in her, she can continue to keep me on course, as I allow myself to take a step back, breathe and find enjoyment again.
  4. The Hermit:the hermit
    After courting both the Moon and the Star within my reading, the Hermit is here to firmly cement that I will find all that I am searching for within the darkness. I don’t necessarily mean the physical darkness (although how often do we contemplate where we are and what we’re doing when the daylight fades and we’re left in the dark?) but by retreating from the bright lights of society and the fast-moving world, I can find solace, and learn a great deal more of my life’s lessons from within rather than seeking assurances from external influences.

    My Thoughts…person-thinking-with-thought-bubble-dc6ejgLdi

    It’s worth noting that all four of my cards were from the Major Arcana. This has me sitting up and taking more notice of what they have to tell me, as I have always found that they represent the Querent and life changing events that are occurring around them.

    All four of the cards have touched on something that is happening right at this moment. Recently, I have had to learn to see through old ways of thinking in terms of particular relationships, and I have had to tear down all my preconceptions to get them back on track and moving forward. This is represented in the Tower. However a painful lesson is that the Tower brings, it has been a necessary one.

    The Moon is an interesting one, as to me that represents my current business endeavours. If you are reading this blog post, then you will be aware that I have to be creative in my writings, to draw people to my website. As it’s a relatively new venture for me, it would seem that Virgo’s energies urges me to continue to connect to my spiritual, creative nature.

    Both the Star and the Hermit encourage me to be more accepting of the dark. Not only will I reconnect with myself, and find the answers that I’ve been looking for, but I will also have a lot of fun discovering myself in the process!

    Over all, I’m quite impressed at how this reading turned out!

    What do you think? Would you have interpreted it differently?

    Let me know what you think in the comment below!

    Until next time- have fun!



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