The Full Moon of March



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As the full moon approaches, I turn my attentions inward.

I like to take the time to assess where I can use the upcoming waning moon energies to release the things that will no longer serve me; before the New Moon occurs (which will be the 28th March 2017, in case you were wondering!)


The Full Moon in March

Since an American farmer’s almanac in the 1930s began to publish Native American “Indian” full moon names, there are now many names for these types of moon.  One of my favourites’ for the March full moon is the Crow Moon- that said, I may be biased as my Spirit Animal is the Crow!

A crow under the light of the full moon

This moon indicates that spring is on its way! It is said that the crows begin to caw at the turn of the season, to bid farewell to the winter as the snows finally begin to thaw.


It is a time of new beginnings, with the energies of this particular moon encouraging us to “purge” all that no longer serves us. It brings with it a lively energy, one of excitement that encourages us to gather the strength needed to focus on the inspirational ideas that will soon ‘spring’ to mind!




{For more on the names of each full moon, click here}


The Full Moon in Virgo




Virgo asks us to put aside excessive emotion and focus on what needs to be done. She is no-nonsense, efficient and hard working, and coincides with the energy of the crow moon that asks us to release all baggage that is hindering our progress.

However, we can push ourselves to do too much under this energy, resulting in stress and exhaustion- and we really don’t want that!

The following spread is one I designed to effectively bring to light the areas you need to utilise the hard working energy of Virgo.
It will show what you can release to make way for new energy as advised by the Crow, but will also give you a nudge in the direction of something to give you enjoyment!

Full Moon in Virgo Spread 2017

  1. What is the Crow asking me to purge?
    This card denotes what you need to release  to ensure that you encourage new energy to flow and encourage new growth within yourself.
  2. Where is Virgo asking me to be more efficient?
    This card focuses on an area of your life where you can put a bit more effort in, to reap rewards in the long run.
  3. How can I have more fun this full moon?
    This card will highlight how you can find enjoyment as you pass through Virgo’s energies, to ensure you don’t focus too much on the hard work!
  4. What is the projected outcome if I follow this advice?
    The final card will give you a general overview of the situation going forward, if you pay attention to the advice given in the previous cards.

Over to you: How did you find this spread? What tarot deck did you use? Let me know in the comments below!

{Disclaimer: As always, I will ask you to bear in mind that the future isn’t set in stone, so the outcome can change at any moment, through any number of small decisions!}




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