Hi There!

Welcome to Blue Moon Soul Therapies– a place where you can turn up in your PJ’s, make a brew and learn to reconnect with your soul; to refresh, empower and inspire yourself to be all that you can be.




coffeeWhen we feel burned out or worn down, we pamper the body, and even the mind…but what about the soul?

I’m Emma, Soul Therapist here at Blue Moon HQ, and my aim is to provide services that reach out and re-connect you with your mind, soul and emotions to soothe your inner energies, provide a little relief from the every day smog of the physical world and get you back in tip top form to be the fantastic individual you are destined to be!





Snuggle under your throw, curl up in your favourite chair, take a look around, and if you have any comments or queries, please head over to the contact me page, to find out how we can connect!


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