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I had a reading off Emma today, I asked a question I wanted the answer for to see what path to take on a crossroads.
The answer was so clear, strong and positive. Never had anything so crystal clear before, the answer was very definitive and clear. Very impressed with Emma and her service. Highly recommended!

Carrie Lloyd Hill

Well what can I say, I have had my first reading from Blue Moon Soul Therapies and I can honestly say I am taken a back with how accurate it is in my life right now.

First of all the service was amazing, fast and very friendly. I haven’t had a reading before so I was worried that I wouldn’t understand everything etc.. However I was proven wrong; Emma explained everything very clearly. The report was broken down into sections and laid out very clear. I understood what each card meant and how it applied to me.

To the reading itself – it was extremely accurate to what is going on in my life at the moment. I was actually very touched while reading it and had a little tear in my eye as to how much it hit the nail on the head to how I have been feeling inside at the moment. It was very enlightening and I am so glad I had the reading. It has given me so much hope.

Thank you so much Emma

Jen Jones

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